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Sun Nov 6 09:55:10 CET 2016

My intake of red wine increases as I get older but hangovers are rare as my body adjusts. 

I suspect that he may have carried on  smoking dope but have no evidence for this at all apart from the odd clue...

He definitely never lived a healthy lifestyle and I think he was at a higher altitude when the heart attack happened. That may have had something to do with it too.


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Just really enjoyed the 830417 show. Peely said that the man who has just one hangover a week is lucky! Does that indicate Peely was a heavy drinker? Just a thought. Heavy boozers often succumb to heart attacks eg Oliver Reed... I have read that our hero liked his red wine (my preferred tipple as well).... If so, at least he enjoyed himself with a drug that is legal - if he'd have been busted with dope or harder in the 70's, that might have ended his career and deprived us of many, many magical hours...

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