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Many many thanks.

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Anyway that's 1993 completed from my batch of SL tapes (but I think there are still two other batches to be completed? Hint Hint

Firstly the 4th December 1993 has been fully uploaded now, plus the 11th December is now complete from an SL tape perspective, L530, L531 & L538 contributing, though was already available from another source.

L535, L537 and L539 all contained Mixing Its from various years.

L522 was an Andy Kershaw in Malawi special from 8th June 1993 (part 2 of a 2 part series)

L540-L543 was a New Year's Day spectacular with the last few minutes of the last ever Adrian Juste show segueing into the Andy Kershaw Pick of the Year show, followed by John's first 1994 show, now complete for the first time.

L529 and L544 provided most of an Andy Kershaw show of 8th January 1994.



A few tapes have not been shared, firstly there were quite a few empty sides, or sides ending with Mark Tonderai/Mark Radcliffe/Johnny Walker or random classical music shows, also a few Peel shows where the complete show is already available in full in excellent sound quality.

Instead I did a few more Derby Box Memorex upgrades, http://mooo.peelwiki.com/dl/Stuart/Derby%20Box/?C=M;O=D

In other news, a mixtape from a new source, not much new on this mixtape but the VCF track is, and is great


Also JP3904 has discovered on Youtube the Crazy World Of Arthur Brown session as broadcast on 28th April 1968 http://peel.wikia.com/wiki/28_April_1968


Eddie Berlin's 1983 BFBS shows are up to April, and Pates Tapes continues to re-up the Peel Shows onto the new Soundcloud version of his site.

More of a newsletter than anything else.... anyway hope most of you can find something to like in all of that!


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