[peel] Re: Eddie Berlin BFBS Tapes

Stuart Brooks stuartb@...
Sun Nov 6 14:54:22 CET 2016

The late April and 1st May shows are also very interesting. As documented on the May show, a couple of possible precursors to the Die Toten Hosen incident, firstly John says he has now stopped playing English Drinking songs due to their swearing, even if it is swearing in English, implying he had already done so on BFBS. Secondly he said he might save the bottle of Bommerlunder he was given by the band for treating Cat's boils but he wouldn't be drinking it. At least Morrissey didn't take the luke warm response Peel gave their debut play on the 1st May show to heart..... But it is a surprise to hear it!

On 6 November 2016 08:55:10 GMT+00:00, "Mr M D Luetchford M.Luetchford@... [peel]" <peel@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
>My intake of red wine increases as I get older but hangovers are rare
>as my body adjusts. 
>I suspect that he may have carried on  smoking dope but have no
>evidence for this at all apart from the odd clue...
>He definitely never lived a healthy lifestyle and I think he was at a
>higher altitude when the heart attack happened. That may have had
>something to do with it too.
>On 5 November 2016, at 21:57, "thebarguest@... [peel]"
><peel@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
>Just really enjoyed the 830417 show. Peely said that the man who has
>just one hangover a week is lucky! Does that indicate Peely was a heavy
>drinker? Just a thought. Heavy boozers often succumb to heart attacks
>eg Oliver Reed... I have read that our hero liked his red wine (my
>preferred tipple as well).... If so, at least he enjoyed himself with a
>drug that is legal - if he'd have been busted with dope or harder in
>the 70's, that might have ended his career and deprived us of many,
>many magical hours...
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