The Early Stuff

John Bravin john.bravin@...
Sat Nov 28 09:11:56 CET 2015

The late 60's shows are different, but as someone who listened in those 
days it didn't seem so to me at the time.  At that time we had nothing 
like the infinite choice of radio stations and streaming music we have 
today.  There was Radio Luxembourg, a few pirates if you lived in the 
right part of the country and the fledgling Radio 1.

Like most of my friends my main source of music was live gigs and 
albums.  We would have probably have seen most of the bands on Top Gear 
before they were in session or even before Peel played the records.  
Artists had to tour much more than now  as they was few other outlets 
for their music.  And we would have thought nothing of live gigs being a 
mixture of performance art, poetry and music. Events were a lot more 
anarchic than today.  I remember Pink Floyd coming on a the 1969 Bath 
Festival at 3am around 5 hours late because of schedule chaos.  It's not 
like that at the O2 these days.


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