The Early Stuff

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Thu Nov 26 12:54:13 CET 2015

Never really bothered with the 1960s shows as was worried about quality and whether they would be that interesting. Having constantly listened to everything coming in over the last few years from 1978 to 1982 there hasn't really been the time either.

 Having listened now they are perhaps even more fascinating than the late 70s shows. Those 1968 Night Ride shows especially are completely out there and groundbreaking. Back then I can't imagine most people paying much interest. The conversations with poets and Incredible String Band recordings mixed with music from Vietnam are an amazing listen really.

 To think that kind of brave and alternative stuff was just about coming out of the airwaves then when I was eating Fab Ice Lollies and playing with Airfix soldiers is quite something to contemplate. As I was listening to them in the car driving down the M4 yesterday I was trying to put myself back in 1968 and imagining listening as an adult. They would have been a bit of a shock back then... I can imagine a lot of people tuning out... Incredibly brave broadcasting really. I look forward to the rest of 1968 and onwards. I think if anything John Peel and his ethic may have been under estimated either through all the praise since his death. It was not all Teenage Kicks and The Fall.

 I do fear for the shows from 1984 onwards as they just don't hold as much fascination for me... I'll get to them one dayand I'll be back with some more 1982 / 1983 pause edit stuff myself soon. Cheers all and if you haven't listened to the sixties stuff then do... it hits home even more what a maverick he was. Not without hisfaults of course ( some of his muttering on those 60s shows are a bit daft ) but as far as taking chances in broadcasting goes , he was out on his own.

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