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I saw an early cut of this a few years back and I agree its brilliant - I don't recall the section about Peel so its probably a later edit in but I am pretty certain that Peel did play Face on Fire as I had it on a mixtape that was chewed many moons ago.
Paul Kelly also made an excellent film about Dolly Mixture - Take Three Girls that is worth catching if you can.

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I saw Lawrence of Belgravia (Paul Kelly's documentary about Lawrence from Felt/Denim/Go Kart Mozart) at the weekend and there was a great bit where Lawrence adamantly claims that the reason Felt never achieved the same level of success as their contemporaries is purely down to the fact that John Peel didn't like them.
This then leads on to Pete Astor telling Lawrence that when he did a Wisdom Of Harry session at Peel Acres, he covered a Denim song and John Peel told him that he'd never received a letter as horrible and vitriolic as the one that Lawrence sent him. Apparently Peel hadn't liked the first Felt single, so Lawrence wrote to him demanding both copies of the 7" back that he'd sent in.
He then displayed the original copy of the single with John Peel's handwritten & signed note on the sleeve saying "I could only find one copy of the single so please send me a bill for the missing copy and I will give you the money"

The film is excellent anyway and highly recommended viewing - even if you aren't a big fan

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