[peel] DAB vs FM

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Tue Jun 5 00:01:33 CEST 2012

I agree some of my best of peel tapes which i get patted on the back for on a regular basis for, ughhh cough splutter do have some great fm on them but i wouldn`t be that bothered if peels son was broadcast on 2krbs frankly as i`m afraid theres no atmosphere with his style in the way his dad would tell a few tales or two and since adam and his bird watching dissapeared the show is boring or is it his style i find irritating?, i`ll give him full marks for his dedication to the band flats though and without sounding like a complete pessimist thanks to the uploader ''b'' i think for putting them up each week.

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Subject: [peel] DAB vs FM

Hi All
I don't pipe up much...having been seemingly spoilt with 
Radio 1's FM quality for Peel's shows then found I had to search out radio shows 
for tracks that Peel would have likely played i.e. Giles Peterson then Hew 
Stephens (more white boys with guitars) and Rob Da Banks low key left of centre 
of music...and some internet listening from dadelionradio
When Giles left Radio 1 to DAB Radio 6 128kbs...what a 
come down in sound quality where have the dynamics gone! On the plus side I have 
discovered that Tom Ravenscroft does appear to have weekly slot on Radio 6...yeh 
I am a bit slow to pick up on these things.
What a shame though Radio 1 gets FM to play mainly 
regurgitated X factor music. Music lovers with a variety of tastes, who do 
notice the difference, get low fi 128kbs...grrrr.... just my gripe.

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