Not Barking, But Calling?

ken garner ken_garner@...
Mon Dec 31 01:30:52 CET 2007

At the risk of sounding seriously nerdy, as regards Peel and animal 
noises, I actually recall him saying and writing more than once that 
his only god-given talents were the ability to parallel park and make a 
sound like a dolphin, though not necessarily at the same time. I can 
recall no instance of his dolphin impression being broadcast, but then 
I was never a regular listener to Home Truths, where frankly almost any 
Peel-type self-indulgence was tolerated (amidst some occasionally very 
good human interviews, to be fair). I am not at all bothered either 
way, but seeing as we're on the subject, I wonder has anyone got a show 
tape with him doing that one on it? kg

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