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Eddie Duffy eddie.duffy@...
Sun Dec 16 16:28:48 CET 2007


I have two CDs, containing shows 15-18, and rips of shows 1-18 excluding 
7 and 8. I think there were 24 in all, on 12 CDs, and I'd be interested 
in hearing more. They're not Peelie at his absolute best (they sound too 
rehearsed), but they're pretty good.


Stuart Mchugh wrote:
> ok, I certainly never heard of either Peel on Luxembourg or the Virgin 
> shop shows. Very interesting...
> Also, I have never encountered one of the near-mythical 'Peel Out In 
> The USA' shows - from the 90s (?) and produced for student radio 
> syndications in America in conjunction with Doc Martens. I know a lot 
> of US indie types got their first introduction to Peel via these (and 
> then encouraged us UK types to start off the tape chains of more 
> recent times.)
> Last time I heard of one of these was in the early days of eBay when 
> copies were changing hands for quite a bit...
> Stuart
> Stuart Mchugh
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