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thanks, graham, for kind words...

...but I'm sorry, I know nothing at all about those 
virgin store shows, and I haven't even heard them, although I think 
they might be on those 17 DVDs somewhere (?).

As I explained in my preface to In Session Tonight, although I can 
date my listening to september 1975, October 77 thru to end of 82 are 
pretty blank to me personally (alert readers will spot that 80-82 are 
rather briskly dealt with in the book's main text!). I was too busy 
being a student and getting (latterly) heavily into disco and funk. 
Then I found myself living on my own and returned to the fold by 
accident (Jensen's, and Peel's R1 shows, came on BBC Radio London's 
frequency at 8pm after Alex Pascal's Black Londoners nightly show, 
which I loved) in time for the Smiths' first session in 83. 

Anyway, I suspect he did those shows for virgin stores because he was 
pretty peeved at losing the friday night to the Friday Rock Show at 
the end of 78, and also needed the money. The Sunday Request show 
Peel got instead at R1, which Sheila talks about in Margrave, was 
actually only a one-third gig in early 1980 (the show was rotated 
between Peel, Gambo and Stu Coleman by producer Bernie Andrews, after 
Annie Nightingale got a fri night show) and this only ran for 3 
months anyway I now discover (yes, the brief entry about this in the 
shows index is wrong, sorry, I made the mistake of trusting Margrave 
and a nostalgia website). Do we know how many he may have done for 
Virgin Radio in all?

And so was it also about this time that Peel was on Radio Luxembourg 
as well? The general location of the sentence about this in Margrave 
(p 404) suggests it may have been around the start of the eighties. 
Anyone know anything about or have any recordings of those? Now they 
would be curious to hear...


--- In peel@yahoogroups.com, "hammieweb" <gpwebster@...> wrote:
> ...thanking Ken Garner for his (2nd) excellent book I would just 
> to add my name to the already long list.  It really freaked out my 
> year old son to see my name in the acknowledgement section!!
> The chapter that chronologilizes the Radio 1 Peel shows is great, 
> also brought back lots of great memories for me.
> Of all the great tapes shared since 2004 by many people subscribing 
> this forum (many thanks for them all, by the way) my favourite are 
> 6 30 minute tapes JP did for Virgin Record Stores in 1979/80.  I'm 
> most of you have them and agree, but does anyone have any 
> about them?  Did they really get played in the record shops? I do 
> so!  No mention of them in the book, as they are not Radio 1 but 
> more info about them would be appreciated or does anyone know where 
> there are more of the little gems?
> Graham Webster

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