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hammieweb gpwebster@...
Fri Dec 14 20:37:03 CET 2007

...thanking Ken Garner for his (2nd) excellent book I would just like 
to add my name to the already long list.  It really freaked out my 8-
year old son to see my name in the acknowledgement section!!
The chapter that chronologilizes the Radio 1 Peel shows is great, it 
also brought back lots of great memories for me.
Of all the great tapes shared since 2004 by many people subscribing to 
this forum (many thanks for them all, by the way) my favourite are the 
6 30 minute tapes JP did for Virgin Record Stores in 1979/80.  I'm sure 
most of you have them and agree, but does anyone have any information 
about them?  Did they really get played in the record shops? I do hope 
so!  No mention of them in the book, as they are not Radio 1 but any 
more info about them would be appreciated or does anyone know where 
there are more of the little gems?

Graham Webster

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