AS I ROVED OUT - more on Peel's folk music shows

ken garner ken_garner@...
Thu Dec 13 23:12:23 CET 2007

I am sure several of us have already checked out the Peel folk series 
of 6 half-hour shows from 1999 which johnpeeleveryday told us were 
posted up at Fades In Slowly, originally recorded by someone called 
only Chris (hello out there? thanks!). They are very enjoyable and 
zip along making the history come alive, and I have to confess they 
are a total revelation to me as to many others: I had no idea 
these existed - I was working as a radio critic in 1999 so how the 
hell did I miss them?! Anyway, I was prompted to do a bit of digging 
about what when and where, and with the help of R1 archivist Hannah 
and a bit of web research have come up with the following production 
and broadcast details (they are in the main BBC archive, but not 
catalogued, bizarrely):

W 25/8/99 - W 29/9/99
BBC Radio 2
Presented by John Peel
Produced by John Leonard
A Smooth Operations production

Hannah has also kindly sent me the faxed pdfs of the running order 
details which she found the archive had in the computer, so if anyone 
is keen to know the full details of any of the tracks and where they 
come from, just ask me here


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