[peel] Peel Sessions book

Stuart Mchugh stuart@...
Fri Dec 7 10:33:20 CET 2007

> Just one point: a common myth, but Hermeet was
> never actually Peel's producer, he was broadcast assistant, Dec 02  
> - the end.

I shall alter that error forthwith! I suppose that I'm of that  
mindset which uses terms like Assistant, Producer and Engineer  
interchangably - I always imagine that 'Producer' - in daytime  
parlance at least - means that this person chooses the playlist for a  
show (when not bound by THE playlist, of course...)
I think I'd be right in saying that for much of his career John chose  
all the records himself... but then, Walters had input when he was  
doing it, and Alison would have been heavily involved in sourcing  
sessions and the like?
This might well all have been covered in the book, but perhaps not in  
such detail that it'd have become dull enough for me to remember!


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