One week to go on Best Of The Best Of the Best

deedeeramain deedeeramain@...
Tue Dec 4 22:00:14 CET 2007

Steve-O! You rotten swine!
Here I was feeling guilty at not having posted in your worthy poll so 
I headed over to '' to 
check out the cumulative Festive Fiftys and try to decide on three 
tracks to post to your poll.
It's an impossible task!
Have you seen the quality of the music in those listings?! No wonder 
you have multiple "equals" for chart positions!
Is this some kind of inscrutable Korean Mind-Fuck you have come 
I'm going to post three tracks but wow! - It's almost impossible!
What a set of compilation tapes these would make! How about we start a 
new Peel Group Project? We replicate in it's entirety the Peel Festive 
Fifties and then we distribute it illegally on this music fan to music 
fan file-sharing thingymujig? In FLAC of course! None of that 
rubbishy .mpfree 
And while we're on the subject of FLAC - howzabout we re-compile the 
JP Record Box in FLAC'sbetterthanlossyencodedformat?
Good luck!
I look forward to the final result!

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