One week to go on Best Of The Best Of the Best

Steve so_it_goes_2512@...
Tue Dec 4 11:24:07 CET 2007

It would be nice if everyone pitched in for my poll. The response so 
far has been a little bit disappointing, to be perfectly honest. How 
much of your time does it take to list three tracks from Festive 
Fifties 1976-2004? And what is wrong with committing yourself just for 
fun? It's not the Phil Spector trial, is it?
So please...thanks very much to the kind people who have already 
contributed, and a gentle plea to those who haven't. I am thinking very 
seriously about doing this poll as a podcast, but as it stands, there 
are going to be a lot of 'equals' (I have nine tracks listed at number 
Make a difference, for nothing more than a salute to the man who made 
it all possible. Thank you.

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