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You might be right about the earlier pressings, you are of course definitely right about the title.

John of course often made mistakes on his shows.

This has at least got me listening to Sons and Daughters.


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On Nov 30, 2007 11:04 AM, Julian Porter <spiggytopes55@ yahoo.co. uk> wrote:
> We all know and love Fabric07, a great collection of tracks, but does anyone
> know that the track listing is incorrect?
> I have a friend who happens to be a lecturer for a BSC Music Production
> course. He sends me various bits to do with music, mostly obscure stuff, and
> he recently sent me a track by the Japanese band Asa Chang & Junray called
> "Hana". When I played it I thought, I know that track. Sure enough it is
> track one on Fabric07 (minus the vocal but plus the football commentary),
> although this track is credited to the Scottish Folk Punk outfit Sons and
> Daughters as "Medecine".

Eh? My copy of Fabriclive. 07 lists it as "01 Intro - (exceprt from)
Asa-Chang and Junray - Hana (also featuring) BBC Commentary 1981
European Cup Final - Liverpool v Real Madrid". Maybe there was more
than one printing and the error was fixed before mine was made.

(...and to be painfully pedantic, fabric 07 is a different
compilation, by Hipp-E and Halo, though that doesn't have Sons and
Daughters on it either.)

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