FW: Re: Radio 1 - 40th anniversary

Phil Edwards festive50@...
Fri Aug 10 22:34:08 CEST 2007

Below is e-mail I've been forwarded from Simon Barnard at the BBC
Don't hold out much hope as his deadline is the end of this month.

  Hello there,
  I'm putting together a 'Best of John Peel' programme for Radio 1's 40th
anniversary, and need your help!

  I wondered if you or any of your listeners had any favourite John moments
or quotes from John's Radio 1 shows (and if they remember when it was, even
better) - and if so if they could please e-mail me asap. I'll then see if we
have those moments in our archives and try to include them in the

  Hope you can help!

  All the best,



  Hi Phil,

  Thanks for all this - yes, I had seen that site. The problem is I need to
find out what show it was on, and then if it still exists in the BBC
archives - which is unlikely, frankly...

  What we're doing is putting together a 2-hour John Peel show, compiled
from the very best bits of his shows over the years. It's not a documentary,
just a compilation of his best links (and records) - so should,
theoretically, sound just like a real show.

  So if you could help me out with any anecdotes and dates - or even, if the
sound quality is reasonable, we may be able to clean up your original tape
recordings - then that'd be a huge, huge help.

  Many thanks,


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