The late, great Tony Wilson

thebarguest thebarguest@...
Sat Aug 11 20:36:19 CEST 2007

I was saddened and shocked to hear of TW's death. I don't know whether
he met Mr Peel in this world but I've got a nice mental image of them
meeting in the next one ; amongst the topics of chat would be -
Joy Division (of course), Happy Mondays, Factory Records, the role of
the media in showcasing new musical talent etc....
A person of incredible self-confidence, he was indeed a man of many
strengths - newshound, (heated) debate chairman, (mega) music fan, his
intelligence always shone.
His "So It Goes" tv show was the first music program to focus almost 
exclusively on punk / new-wave (cf Peel's radio show). I remember seeing
Magazine on SIG and then hearing the Peel session a month or so later.
He said he wanted to "discover" a third great band, of the 21st century,
to follow JD and HM, I wish he could have done it - sadly it's too late
now ........

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