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Phil Edwards festive50@...
Mon Feb 24 23:33:20 CET 2003

Just to regain a little focus to this Peel newsgroup, I'm surprised that the
emails haven't been flying about Crimea, who seem to be a great band. Peel
clearly loves them, and I think he might be correct: they really do have
something special. I'm going to see them this Friday, so I'll post a quick


The only track I've heard from is the one Peely played on his 2002 Festive
50 show ie. 'Lottery Winners On Acid'
This might be regarded as an insult to the band (in no way intended), but I
think it a truly GREAT "POP SONG"  as in the '60's when the charts were
populated with great songs and not the shite that fills the charts these
days. Not to worry, we still have Peely to play us the decent stuff.
Talking of the Festive 50
I meant to post the following about the FF but never got round to sending
On the whole I think this year's FF was better than last year's.
My main reason for this, is the fact that only 4 tracks this year were, what
I thought semi main-stream ie. featured on XFM (although, a halfway decent
radio station based in London which is Ok when Peely's not on  air, it's
still playlist orientated).
Compared to last year which contained 18 (Pulp, White Stripes, Pulp, Super
Furry Animals, Strokes, Mercury Rev etc.)

As for the No. 17. Asa-Chang & Junray - Hana (which he described as an
extraordinary record). It truly was as an extraordinary and beautiful
I agree about Brenda making her sound more (ahem) "working class"... Same as
using names like Dennis, Malcolm, Tracy or Sharon.
I believe Brenda goes back to late '60's.


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