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Jan Robertson janrobertson@...
Fri Aug 24 23:09:42 CEST 2001

Re the Peel section of the wire article on Sonar 2001:

 it's only a small segment of a longer article (p79) so I'll just send the
peelie bit....

 "BBC institution John Peel presented a fascinating counterpoint [to DJ sets
from Jim O'Rourke, Steve Shelley, Rune Kristofferson]. Opening with three
minutes of a triumphant Liverpool FC match, he moved backwards to classic
roots reggae before picturing the last 30 years of pop through a
particularly British lens. Leaping across time and space, Peel drew
connections between US R&B and Jamaican reggae, dancehall riddims and Acid
House rumble. The subtext of his set was a strangely populist argument,
conveyed in his penchant for dodgy dance tracks, including an interminable
Happy Hardcore remix of Air Supply".

 I love that the writers think John has some subtext to his selection rather
than just playing cuell music, and like Peel 'leaping across time and

> >
> > Can anyone post that Wire article lauding Mr Peel's Sonar disco set as
> > somehow charting the rise of mankind? Sounds interesting. Tried hanging
> > about in several newsagents this afternoon in an attempt to find the
> > thing and read it without buying the magazine, with no success
> > whatsoever. Was spotted furtively scanning the magazine racks (while
> > shading my eyes from the top shelf, obviously) but all the attention I
> > drew to myself made me sweat a bit in the sweltering haze of mid
> > afternoon and look even more furtive and nervous. Eventually I was
> > driven from the shop by a band of giggling girls. I feel so ashamed.
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> > Anyway, thanks
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> > Jason Robarthes
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