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Wed Aug 9 03:27:13 CEST 2000

>That would be from the Peel Out in the States shows that he did a
>years back. Each of the disks contains two half hour shows, I 
>believe. They were put on CDs and sent out to American radio
>(community and college stations, mostly) for weekly broadcast 
>Unfortunately for us in the States, the series was short lived. The 
>sponsor pulled its backing after the first twenty-something shows,
>that's all the Peel we got to hear over our own airwaves. But if you 
>can find the disks, they're worth getting. Peel gives a nice cross 
>section of the kind of music that fills out his regular shows, in 
>this case a sampling of mid-90s fare if that's your bag. 

Thanks for this, I did indeed pick up the CD $3 still in it's plastic 
wrapper. A true treat for me while I'm stranded out here in the
Peel-less for the summer. The shows were done back in 1993 which is 
before I ever listened to him so it was interesting to hear that he 
still played German Hardcore, the Fall and various other fantastic 
bands I'd never heard of. Indeed it was nearly as good as seeing Peel 
fav, I say this in a loose sense that he played a few tracks by him, 
Bob Log III at the weekend the most amazing and wonderful one man
show I have ever witnessed, part John Lee Hooker, part Alec Empire, 
part God I seem to of been thinking.  


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