Andy Smith andy.smith@...
Wed Apr 26 15:40:52 CEST 2000


> Exterminator. Do people feel it was worth the hype?
> ...
> Has anyone got the Asian dub Foundation album? I thought it was good but 
> lacked any of the punkier moments like Free Saptal ram, although the quite 
> moments are still very good. Could these albums form a new movement?

I like them both. Exterminator is an excellent album. Loud, brash, 
abrasive, lots of interesting bits and some good tunes too. But I missed
the hype because I don't read the music press since they only ever seem
to have features on Travis and the Sterephonics these days.

The ADF album is good, perhaps a bit too long at 70 mins so it took a few
listens to get into. They could have got a cracking 45 minute album out of
it. Still they've got a great sound and I think those punky bits are still
there, just with some slightly less jarring stuff in between.


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