All time F50?

Clare Woodmansey cwoodmansey@...
Sat Nov 6 00:27:53 CET 1999

> From: kenandmagda@... (Ken Garner and Magda Pieczka)

> I fear there
> will be few rap, drum 'n'bass, house, soul or reggae records at all...

Sadly, I couldn't agree more. But those scenes, when they have broken big,
have shifted away from Peel's original championing of them to a main-stream
audience, as have yer Nirvanas. The only 'scene' which Peel has
consistently broadcast and which has never broken big is what most people
refer to as 'indie' ie white kids with guitars. Maybe the reason why that's
his main listenership and why that's all that appears in the Festive Fifty?
a very simplistic argument, but...


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