All time F50?

Ken Garner and Magda Pieczka kenandmagda@...
Fri Nov 5 23:15:26 CET 1999

Dear all

I think a few of us are being a bit po-faced, even puritanical, about this
idea. What was it John Prescott said to Tony Blair? ("We're not much of a
bloody Government if we can't organise a good party for the Millenium" or
some such coinage). And don't forget the practicalities of radio production
and promotion: to get your show noticed over the holidays you have to come
up with something unusual; and it also allows presenters of live shows -
who can't pre-record every single shift like Radio 4 people do for
Christmas - to have an easy plan for the holidays. I think the two daily
radio experiences I've enjoyed most this year have been the Peelenium (for
all its faults - especially Lynn's wobbly grasp of British and world
history, whcih I'm glad to hear Peel now subtly expressing disbelief about
even as he reads out these bits) and Radio 4's This Sceptred Isle - The
20th Century. It's like the Festival of Britain and the Millenium Dome.
Everyone loves to sneer and bash 'em before the event, but come the day
we'll all be glad they were there to help mark something special. So roll
on the all-time Festive 50. He hasn't done one since, er, 1980, is it, so
why not now? I agree, however, it's likely to be a combination of this year
and last year's faves plus a few snatches of Nirvana, The Smiths (now
there's a band who have not aged well, something I never thought I'd say -
I now find most of their records almost cringe-making!) et al. I fear there
will be few rap, drum 'n'bass, house, soul or reggae records at all...

Ken Garner
Radio Critic Sunday Express
Author "In Session Tonight: The Complete Radio 1 recordings"

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