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he did talk about postcards. I remember him reading one out from singer of Alien Culture. and also before he played a Postcard from Scarborough he told a story about a placard from Mrs Ravenscroft.
both captured on my mixtapes. 

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      It rings a bell, but there are bloody dozens of shows where he plays Siouxsie  records and the wiki search is slightly thrown by the existence of Metal Postcard as a song. Hopefully someone else can narrow it down.
On the subject of Peel & postcards, I think at least one list member has one of the infamous Stowmarket postcards that Peel had printed up (mentioned here)http://peel.wikia.com/wiki/Peel_Out_In_The_States_(Program_05)

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Hi all
I'm on a podcast about postcards soon and I want to talK about Peel's postcards from Siouxsie Sioux - but I can't remember which shows he read them out on.
Does anyone know offhand?  
All the best

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