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That’s great work you’re doing Stuart, as always.
Well, that sounds fantastic about the guy with the complete Peel shows. I would be more than happy to digitise them, if it needs to be done.

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Great stuff as always Stuart - There is a guy turned up on Facebook today who claims to have every Peel Show from 1986-1988 taped in it's entirety. It would be quite something if that's true

Quite a few shows missing from this epoch. Do we have currently any year where every show is available?

Very happy as this is my peak era

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The Lee tapes are now moving into the fallow mid to late 1998 period where there are few shows previously shared. Of particular  interest is the show of 23rd June 1998<https://peel.wikia.com/wiki/23_June_1998>, featuring the live session from Melys with the London Welsh Male Voice Choir, as written about in Ken's book. 4 of the 5 tracks are available, with pre and post track chat with the band, unfortunately the Choir doing You'll Never Walk Alone is missing.

That Melys performance hasn't previously been available, but co-incidentally one of the tracks was broadcast in a Peel Welsh Band programme on BBC Cymru this week, which JP3904 has tracklisted<https://peel.wikia.com/wiki/Sesiynau_Cymraeg_John_Peel> on the wiki.


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