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Rocker Rosehip rockerq@...
Thu Jun 29 17:24:42 CEST 2017

Brilliant! I'm sure that will be the right artist, Paul!

Do you want to reply to him on Dandelion Radio Facebook page?






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Could it have been
Lo-Cut & Sleifar - "Radio Agmen" (LP - 'Miwsig I'ch Taed A Miwsig I'ch Meddwl') - (Boobytrap)

Paul Webster

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        Just forwarding this as there's a chance someone here will recognise the act he is after:

<<Was wondering if anyone on here could help me. I was listening to a John Peel show from 2004 a few months back and he played a track from a welsh band called something like Lo cot and seether smelli. Obviously my Geordie welsh translation machine has fucked up somewhere, does anyone on here know what the fuck I am talking about?>>





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