[peel] Return Of The Max

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Mon Jul 3 14:51:38 CEST 2017

Ignore that last one it was stuck in my outbox for weeks

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And the Max-Dat pages have been updated in anticipation of some tracklistings!

Note that Dat 134 has been re-upped as the first download stopped after only a quarter of the file.



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Hi everyone

Note that Max-dat has uploaded another huge raft of material to the Mooo, not catalogued yet, but containing compilations from 1997-8. They can be accessed here. Many thanks to him and to Branko for sorting out his access difficulties. Max tells me that he will soon be uploading the fabled FSK shows (77 of them) to the same folder, so watch this space.

All the best

Steve (TK)

PS In case anybody's interested, the answer to the last clue was CUFF.

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