[peel] Potential new batch of tapes

Stuart Brooks stuartb@...
Wed Jan 11 17:15:19 CET 2017

That’s great news. I’ve still got a few SL Tapes and KevH tapes to rip, but unless the Tom Roche R1 shows turn up, I will soon be free to do some more ripping.


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Subject: [peel] Potential new batch of tapes


I've been contacted via the dummy ebay auction by a guy based in Hull who has over 100 Peel tapes he is willing to temporarily donate to the group for digitisation.

It doesn't sound like any of the tapes are dated, and he says that he recorded the shows between the mid-80s and 2001 on reused C120s then distilled his favourite content down on to C90s for keeping. I think he has probably removed a lot of Peel links, although he says he kept some bits

Do we have anyone in the Hull area who could pick these up and distribute them to willing rippers? He wants the tapes back afterwards - that's his only stipulation

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