[peel] More from Dirk and new FRS

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Tue Jan 3 03:35:23 CET 2017

Cheers Steve, I must go through the SL tapes when they’re done in case I’ve missed out on any FRS shows in there.. but really not going to get sucked into that in a big way!


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Hi gang, Happy New Year. Yahoo is not allowing me to post any new topics, so I'm replying to one of my older posts. Two new complete BFBS shows from Carsten, as promised: 

01 May 1997, 08 May 1997

My continuing work on the FRS Wiki has interrupted my posts on Peel. Here are some newly available recordings from there:

05 November 1982 (Movie Stars, David Bowie)
06 November 1987 (live from Prestatyn)
13 November 1987 (Nuclear Assault and Agent Steel live)
20 November 1987 (all records)
27 November 1987 (Dio live at Donington)
04 December 1987 (live bands from Reading)
11 December 1987 (Wild!)
18 December 1987 (all records)

and from another stable:

08 January 1982 (As Above...So Below, Boxer)

All the best
Steve (TK)

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