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Especially when later in the DW tapes they jumped a lot more between the shows, and the HO tapes the order was sometimes random! BTW that track from 18th Sept means that there is now verified content for every show between November 1990 and August 1994!

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Yeah, I've belatedly checked my own Kindle copy and you're right - an example of the importance of using up-to-date sources. Thanks for tidying up my efforts and well done for linking that mixtape track. 

The remaining playlists I have are poor-quality Xerox copies of somebody else's (Tim Joseph - perhaps he belongs to this group?) handwriting, but I'm working my way through 1993 on the Wikia checking for any gaps that I might be able to close - for instance I've spotted a five-track gap on 12 Feb 1993 which I'm patching.

I can appreciate that it must be a bit of a nightmare trying to make a coherent tracklisting from a selection of mixtapes with no Peel announcements to help so I'll do my best to help out if I can.


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