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Stuart Brooks stuartb@...
Mon Jan 2 02:06:24 CET 2017

HNY to you too!

Thanks for that, though Brighton Rock is showing up as being part of the session in my Kindle version of the book. 

Any more of these hand-written listings? Not that I’m asking you to spend “days” typing up any more, could always upload a pic to the Mooo for one of us “pros” to speed through the task! Some day I will go through the rest of your Ceefax listings that haven’t yet been wikified


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Happy New Year guys. 

I've just put a tracklisting for 18 September 1993 (taken from a contemporaneous handwritten copy) and I can confirm that Elastica's "Brighton Rock" was played as part of the session but not listed in Ken's book.

After spending over a day typing in the tracklisting I am even more in awe of you guys who churn your way through them like pros - hats off to you!


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