[peel] Re: Eddie Berlin BFBS Tapes

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Fri Sep 30 23:03:47 CEST 2016

I think you are right, a few years ago I got more Wild Swans stuff and none matched their first single, sadly. But "Revolutionary Spirit" certainly sounded like a cross between Joy Division and the Bunnymen, a true classic. For that they should be very proud. The band It's Immaterial (great name) were also from Liverpool, must check out the song mentioned, it will probably come back to me. China Crisis (also from Liverpool) were similar - I've not heard anything by them to match the nice "Black Man Ray". Likewise the Lotus Eaters and Black (RIP). Is it a Liverpool thing? Only joking, it's quite common. Even Bunnymen stuff sounds quite dated these days, although the early stuff I heard on Peel was/is good eg "Over The Wall". I've always thought that the best Liverpool music 78 to 80's was the first Teardrops album (still sounds fresh, a true classic, the best thing by far Mr Cope has ever done) and the first two Flock Of Seagulls albums (if you like synth-rock-pop)... As a Merseysider, I hate to say it, but Manchester had the best new-wave bands ie Magazine, Buzzcocks, Mondays, James, Joy Division (who I was lucky enough to see at Erics in 79).

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