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The Wild Swans Peel Session got a release quite early on via the Strange
Fruit series, so Peel obviously thought it was a good 'un

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> yes - I remember it being played to death by Peel first time round before
> CDs were even dreamt of - don't get too excited about tracking down other
> wild swans songs as none are half as good in my opinion... although some
> kind soul did supply me with a copy of the session for Peel so I may be
> being churlish. They also did a session for the Kid so other tracks are
> scattered about the wiki ... and you may find other gems from early 80s if
> you keep listening to the BFBS shows. B Movie - Remembrance Day. Astral Joe
> - Cuddly Toys.  Its Immaterial - A Gigantic Raft (in the Philipines) (later
> had a hit with Driving Away From Home). In the country - Farmers Boys.
>  ... The list could go on ...
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> Just played 820228. Great show. Really nice to hear Peely play
> "Revolutionary Spirit" by the Wild Swans, maybe the best indie song of the
> year. First heard it on a 1982 Indie compilation cd and very topical this
> week of the Labour party conference of course!

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