[peel] Peel session tapes. Any takers?

Stuart Brooks stuartb@...
Thu Sep 29 16:51:32 CEST 2016

Hi Kev

Yes I’ve listened to your earlier ones and agree the quality is excellent! I’d love to accept stewardship of these and digitise for the greater good – unless anyone else in the group is fed up with Rob and myself doing the majority of the ripping and would like a turn.... and of course I’m happy to cover shipping costs too!

Stuart (weatherman22 on wiki)

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Subject: [peel] Peel session tapes. Any takers?

I haven't piped up with anything for a while, but I have a lot of original JP session cassettes, recorded at the time, and generally in excellent quality (I've uploaded a few in the past) - but I currently have no tape player and in all honesty, it was unlikely that I would ever get around to ditizing them for future uploads.  Now I realise that I might not have much that isn't already on the site, but does anyone want the collection so that they can do 'the biz' with it?  I can give details of sessions and number of cassettes, if needed. I don't want anything for them, but they would probably cost a few quid to send out to someone, so as long as that's covered I'd be happy.  Plus it would be good to give them a good home, so to speak. Any takers?

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