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Wed Sep 28 01:03:16 CEST 2016

L491 contained an Angolan documentary, to be filed in the "I'll digitise one day when life isn't too short" binnacle.

L492a L493b and L494b all contained sections of 16th October 1993, which were combined with my earlier L368 rip from that date to provide a complete show, almost exclusive to the Lowman Tapes. L493a was a doc, not shared.

L495 and L496 were dedicated to the complete show of 22nd October 1993, previously almost complete from the 500 Box, but now including the very end of, and the handover from, the final Friday Rock Show.

L497a included a side of 29th October 1993, already shared. L497b contained a side of the Mark Tonderai show, hopefully an experimental tape of the new BBC 24-hour 1FM schedule not to be repeated.

 L498a is 45 minutes of the last ever Out On Blue Six while L498b is a Mixing It.

 L499 contained a side and a half of the Andy Kershaw show of 29th October 1993, the first Saturday afternoon show and was combined with the recently shared L487 to form a complete show in one file. Transglobal Underground, DL Menard & Eddie Le Jeune in session. L499b also contained the start of the first Saturday afternoon Peel show which was then combined with the earlier shares of L381 and L383  to form a complete show, though no actual new content here.


 Sides of L500, L501 and L502 were combined to form a 110 minute share of 6th November 1993, while L501 and L502 were combined to form a 105 minute share of the Kershaw show of the same date.

 L503 was dedicated to 19th November 1993, with a couple of mostly newly available side, these were combined with an earlier share of L382 to form a newly complete show.

 Finally for now, L506 provided a couple of discrete sections of the AK Show of 20th November.


 <completists corner> L492b was shared but contains a bit of 3rd December 1993, which I will later combine with L500b and some forthcoming tapes. L504 and L505 are still to come. </completists corner> 


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