Some more L tapes

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Fri Sep 9 13:17:01 CEST 2016

A few more uploads: 

The 6th August show section from L472 and L470 and the missing AK show from L471 have now successfully uploaded.

L479b was a side of 10th September 1993, that show already complete from the 500 Box.

L480 was an empty box, but the track listing shows that it contained a side of the Andy Kershaw show of 11th September and a side of the already complete Peel show from later that day . Perhaps the tape will turn up separately...

L481 contained two 40 minute sections from mostly new show 17th September 1993 (a few tracks including the full Curve session were previously available from one of my own mixtapes).

Side b of L481 had quite a few speed problems - like an earlier Bush cassette, it was playing on average about 5% too fast (and was annotated as such by Steve), which I compensated for with my tape deck speed control, but in reality the speed had been varying during the recording phase, which is still audible. I think that these Bush cassettes must have been of poor construction and Steve's JVC Ghettoblaster (which from other label comments seems to have been what the SL tapes were recorded with) must have had trouble pulling through at the proper speed.


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