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Sun Sep 4 18:27:59 CEST 2016

L471a began with the end of the Peel show of the 13th August, which was combined with the preceding section of the show from L473b into one file. Another earlier portion of the 13th was also found on L473a. Both these files are new content, and apart from news and tape flip edits, appear to complete the show.

L471 featured two separate sections of the Andy Kershaw show of 14th August 1993, the one featuring Loudon Wainwright III who performed live on both his and the following Peel show. Side a is already uploaded but an upload error means that side b won't be available for a few days.

L471b ended with a bit of that Peel show of the 14th, uploaded.

L472 contained two sides of 6th August, only side a has been shared so far. Side b was combined with the last segment of the show (which is new) found on L470, but the same upload error means it won't be available for a few days.

L474 was good news for OOBS fans, a couple of shows there.
L475 then completed the Peel show of 14th August, with a part of an OOBS show for good measure.

L476 contained two partially new sections of the 20th August, while L477 and part of L478 provided some SL content for the 21st, that show already complete from the 500 Box.

More overlappery from the rest of L478 with a section of 3rd September 1993, and L479a with a side of 4th September 1993.

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