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Wed Nov 18 23:41:39 CET 2015

A few things going on over at the wiki of late:

The biggest news is that JohnPeel3904 has been busy wikifying a large cache of World Service shows posted on Youtube by Steve Lai covering late 1999 to the last show in 2004. Indeed from 2001 most of the shows are now available. 

Next up, a newly available 21 minute portion of John's Radio London show of 30th July 1967, kindly made available by John F. This contains some live adverts read out by John! And there may some more Radio London shows on the way.

I've started creating date pages for Dirk's BFBS shows and thought it might be a good idea to have calendars specifically for BFBS (and eventually World Service and Radio Eins), a link to this is now available on the 1986 page. 

Finally, I noticed a slight edit to the Derby Box page, does that mean that the tape player in the Leicester area is being dusted off for some winter ripping, Rob F???

My own player is gathering dust and cobwebs, I've offered my services to the John Peel Tapes Facebook group but no takers yet. So if anyone has run out of steam or time on their own collections then you know where to find me...

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