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Point away. Steve soitgoes was very good at hooking me in! There is definitely somewhere on the site that tells people what to do if they have tapes. Put the link anywhere you like. To be honest I thought Mr Cavanaghs book would open the flood gates but I am still waiting in hope of some lost hordes ...

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I’m guessing quite a few folk from this group are in the Facebook Peel Tapes group - have you seen this guy asking for help/guidance? - lots of stuff from the start of this centuryhttps://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=916690801739876&set=gm.1729082940655997&type=3&theaterIn fact quite a few folk lately have been saying they have batches of tapes, and getting quite a mix of responses - I’m not quite sure of the protocol of pointing them to this groupAsh 

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