[peel] August 1982 Jensen Peel TDK120 uploading in Karl's Tapes on moo

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Fri Nov 6 10:16:21 CET 2015

Rough attempt Side One

 Captain Sensible / Wot !
 SLF / Barbed Wire Love
 Pale Fountains / Something On My Mind
 Zounds / More Trouble Coming Everyday
 Kid Creole & The Coconuts / Annie I'm Not Your Daddy
 Modern English / I Melt With You
 Peel ?
 Josef K / Sorry For Laughing
 Pat Kelly / How Long Will It Take
 Three Johns / b side of English White Boy Engineer ??
 Winston Jarrett / ??
 Stockholm Monsters / Happy Ever After
 Larry & Alvin / ??
 Altered Images /
 Patrick Booth / Never Been Loved Like This Before
 Lee Roy Little / I'm A Good Man But A Poor Man
 Sister China / Creation Judgement
 Decorators / Strange One 
 Attila The Stockbroker / Cocktails ( SESSION )
 Attila The Stockbroker / Nigel Wants To Go To C & As
 Sad Lovers & Giants intro thats continued on side 2 to be continued



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