New L Tape Upload

RobF robfleay@...
Fri Jun 29 18:38:53 CEST 2012

Whilst ripping my current batch I'm getting slightly confused as the wiki
is showing some shows are already available in part and the source is also
L tapes?! And it's not just different sections - there are overlaps and
different edits of his tapes out there. God knows what was going on

Unlike the 400 box which seemed to present a lot of full shows with very
few edits, I think I'm going to have fun piecing together the most complete
versions of some of these 91/92 shows...I wish I'd started earlier (like a
year ago when I was sent the tapes!)

An example would be
I just ripped a tape that has other portons of this show and yet some of
the same tracks as already showing were on a tape previously ripped by
someone else..very odd

On 26 June 2012 20:52, RobF <robfleay@...> wrote:

> A timely poke from our resident tape co-ordinator reminded me I still had
> an unfinished batch of Lowman tapes
> Here's the first
> 89 minutes of Saturday 30th November 1991
> The wiki already has the last section of this show so this should be most
> of it completed now.
> Sessions from Barbel & Stereolab
> Hopefully someone can do the honours and update the wiki from the inlay
> scan
> Audio:
> Inlay:

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