John Peel Fanzine Interview - 1984

jake jklm@...
Wed Jun 27 02:57:27 CEST 2012

I saw them in Liverpool in 1984 and they were pretty screechy then too.... :)

I'm about half way through scanning the fanzine covers and I've rediscovered lots of cool stuff I forgot I had in the process (flexi discs etc) so I'll be sharing it all on Flickr fairly soon....

--- In, Dave Driscoll <ddriscoll@...> wrote:
> I know what you mean Jake.. 
> I have loads of old stuff I haven't sorted out yet..
> Funny thing about fanzines is, you can never find the ones you are looking for, when you are looking..
> One of my favourites was called "TRENDY HENRY"..
> It used to have one word live reviews.
> Now it would be very easy just to list "Bollocks.." or "Fantastic.." but they were usually bang on the money
> I remember one review

> THE COCTEAU TWINS - University of London 13th December (1983)
> "Screeechy!!!"
> I was at that gig, & indeed THE COCTEAU TWINS were "Screeechy!!!"

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