[peel] Archiving the tapes

Jimmy Stepek jimmystep@...
Thu Sep 4 14:38:40 CEST 2008

That's correct Richard, the tapes are the archive but they are aging, so the transfer we are doing just now "may" save a reproduction of them at this moment before they "may" deteriate. Further down the line, when time permits, we can try again with better equipment. My Nakamichi 482 packed in after the first 7 tapes so the last few were done using my old Technics deck. Still a good deck but maybe, ok probably, not as good as the Naka. I understand one of the rippers was using a Dragon. Perhaps he should revisit the tapes later after the first rush is over as there's no many decks better than that one :-)


--- On Thu, 4/9/08, Richard Fewster <r.fewster@...> wrote:

Fair enough, although I tend to think back one stage further and consider the tapes themselves to be the archive, and what we are doing is just enabling people to hear the shows. 


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