Merry Christmas and Keep Those Tapes A Comin

Julian Porter spiggytopes55@...
Sun Dec 23 15:55:15 CET 2007


We've got friends coming round this afternoon, so a few beers will be downed. Tomorrow lunchtime, it's back to the beers at The Hobgoblin in Reading with a few ex-work colleagues, then it will be Christmas, so I thought I'd wish everyone on this list a Great Christmas and a Very Happy New Year before I depart into a hazy couple of days.

Thanks to Kev for getting my old tapes around the place. Hopefully he'll get his Broadband back up and running soon after Crimbo and normal service will be resumed. Hope you liked the Christmas Special though.

Big thanks to all you others who've been making stuff available and to any who intend to in the near future.

I don't make News Years resolutions as I always break them the first day, but this year is different. I'm going to run through all the Peel programmes I have and get them all named in the same format (whatever was agreed) and then make the list available, hoepfully we can fill gaps then and of course check against each others listings.

Have a good time mateys.


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