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Thu Dec 20 00:49:23 CET 2007


I'm new here and have been enjoying the comments and whatnot posted. 
Love Mr Peel and still prefer his old shows on my mp3 walkman rather
than anything the current jocks have to offer.
My first Peel memory would be sitting under my Star Wars duvet with a
small radio listening to all the scary punk and new
wave via a 'deaf aid' earpiece.  I expect this was the same for many
people.  Also I remember having to sit through some god awful choral
singing on radio two until Peel could come on the air as radio one and
two shared the same FM wavelength at the time on a sunday evening.
It wasn't until his death that I found that he was loved the world
over for the same reasons he was in the UK.  Regularly I used to sit
around listening online whilst simulataniously talking about the shows
and music played with a freind in Mexico City and one in the south of
France and me in the south of UK.  It was as if the Atlantic were one
large coffee table.  I had the pleasure of being mentioned twice on
the show and my french friend was gutted when she didn't hear the
mention for her, luckily I recorded it for her and she was thrilled. 
No one since has ever gripped me the way Mr.Peel's playlists did. 
When he died Broadcasting suddenly became Narrow casting. 

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