deedeeramain deedeeramain@...
Mon Dec 17 19:01:31 CET 2007

Hello chaps!
I'm now moved to Saudi Arabia and having great fun (not!) trying to 
download those cool files that are being currently shared by the group.
Pitiful download rates and 'YouSendIt' is blocked by the Saudi fire 
wall while 'RapidShare' isn't! - Go figure!
Here's my little anecdote I thought I'd share - I was flying via KLM 
from a connection I made in Amsterdam to Dammam in Saudi Arabia. Just 
before we came in to land I was reading through Ken Garners great Peel 
Sessions book when the Dutch stewardess commented that 'oh - you like 
your music don't you - I saw you reading Mojo magazine earlier and now 
you're reading about John Peel'!
It turns out that she was a bit of a music fan herself and told me 
that the Dutch used to tune in to Peel regularly also! She didn't tell 
me which station so I guess it was Radio Bremen.
How strange eh? The poor old sods dead yet still bringing people 
together - candidate for a sainthood perhaps? (chortle!).



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