25th december 1985 christmas day show etc

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I think I can guess from kevin's clue - although if so, that 
information is not actually documented in the sessions sheets. All my 
raw data has for the show of W 25/12/85 is repeats of Cookie Crew #1, 
Shriekback #3, and Misty #7, all from 1985, of course. By the way, 
seeing as it's coming up to that time of year, people might be 
interested to learn that according to the sheets, and therefore 
included in my first original rough editon of "the shows" index, 
67-sept 92, I do have most, if not all (evidently) of what appears to 
be the info on what the "Best Sessions of the Year" were, repeated 
over Christmas, for the years 78-85, and 87 (no info on 86). I did 
not bother to note down what the latter years were in detail, just 
scribbled on my notebook 'best of yr', sorry. Would people be 
interested to see that info, if only for those few years? I edited it 
down for the book out of what in the end transpired to be misplaced 
fears of pressure on space in this section. But I should be able to 
cut and paste over from the old document fairly easily. Anyway, 
looking forward to the 1985 show download, thanks.

I too am excited by the prospect of hearing eventually the Peel Out 
in The States shows. I remember John talking about making them in 92-
93 but never heard them. Might one of our number in the USA be able 
to find out some of the stations which broadcast them, and when, 
exactly? (I appreciate college radio schedules are more fluid than 
the stately grandeur and fixity of the BBC and Radio Times).

It has just occurred to me there is perhaps one other way of 
officially finding out when exactly he did all these other things - 
the Virgin Store shows, Radio Luxembourg, Peel out in the states, 
Radio Bremen, Radio Eins, Radio Mafia etc etc - but it would require 
some tact. I'll think about it and post here if I have any luck by 
the new year. Can't say any more now.

Re. You'll Never Be 16 again: if memory serves, this series, first TX 
on Radio 4, twice, then repeated (edited) 2 or even 3 further times 
on R1, was one of the earliest examples of montage style, and 
although I didn't tape them (or did I? I'll have a rummage one day) I 
think Peel's role was largely to kick them off, and later give 
perhaps very occasional links only. It was terrific, though.


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> You're a rotter Kev! I know what it is you see.
> You're all going to have a great Christmas.
> Can't wait for your comments.
> Julian
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> hi everyone,
> for your enjoyment!!!
> to be posted next sunday
> full 2 hr show
> from julian c-120's
> repeat of a 12 year old session.
> come on get ken's book out!!!!! and have a guess!!
> kev..
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