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Phil Edwards festive50@...
Wed Dec 5 02:18:22 CET 2007

Whittled my selection down to 25 tracks.
So I'll work on whittling these down to the final 3.
So far, I have.

 Neil Young - Cortez The Killer - 1976/12
 Roy Harper - When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease - 1976/47
 The Ruts - Babylon's Burning - 1979/47
 Laurie Anderson - O Superman - 1981/34 and 1982/42
 Colourbox - The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme - 1986/46
 Barmy Army - Sharp As A Needle - 198717
 Public Enemy You're Gonna Get Yours (Terminator X Dub Getaway) - 1987/38
 Overlord X - 14 Days In May - 1988/28
 The Orb - Loving You (Session) - 1990/10
 Wedding - Present Corduroy - 1990/9
 Sonic Youth - Kool Thing - 1990/40
 Bang Bang - Machine Geek Love - 1992/1
 Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy - Television The Drug Of A Nation - 1992/38
 Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea - 1992/11
 PJ Harvey - Down By The Water 1995/17
 Orbital - The Box - 1996/7
 Arab Strap - First Big Weekend - 1996/2
 Stereolab & Nurse With Wound - Simple Headphone Mind - 1997/14
 The Fall - Dr Buck's Letter - 2000/3
 Schneider TM vs KPT michi.gan - The Light 3000 - 200/8
 Low - Dinosaur Act - 2000/11
 Robert Wyatt - Shipbuilding - 2000/11 (Millenium All Time)
 Half Man, Half Biscuit - Breaking News - 2002/38
 Jeffrey Lewis - The Chelsea Hotel Oral Sex Song - 2002/23
 Asa-Chang & Junray - Hana 2002/17

Now comes the hard part, picking my favourite 3 tracks
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  ....earlier today I was listening to one of the 1981 shows courtesy of the
torrents currently available.....

  ....a track was introduced by John along the lines of "here's an oldie, I
know you like to hear a familiar record from time to time and so do I...."

  For me the Peel shows blended a fair amount of old stuff with a plentiful
amount of the new - I learnt to appreciate the blues purely through the odd
old track he slipped into his programmes....so playing a 30 yr old Blues
track in 1977 is in my opinion no different to playing Teenage Kicks today
in that it may introduce it to a whole new audience. But that's not entirely
the point I want to make.

  True, the festive 50's often threw up a fairly predictable collection of
tracks, but at least they were tracks current in that year, and relevant for
that year. But that is precisely why i have trouble picking 3 best ones -
Steve, I appreciate your efforts in putting this together, and look forward
to seeing the results, but I honestly cant pick a top 3 (or 4, or 5 or 6!),
and I think that judging by your disappointing response a lot of other
people feel the same. I'll try though!


  On 05/12/2007, Dave Driscoll <ddriscoll@...> wrote:

    I haven't any documentary evidence to hand...
    But I will take a punt
    If the poor old bugger was still here
    I suspect he would still play TEENAGE KICKS
    .....In moderation

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      Sorry, rocker, but I cannot go along with what you say.  I have
already discussed this question here .  There are an awful lot of
suppositions in your argument ('would have', 'probably', 'if he was'): do
you have any documentary evidence to back this up? Still, I respect your
opinion, and, as I have said, JP did get fed up, not with the chart itself,
but the choices his audience made, hence the 'white boys with guitars'
quote. Nevertheless, with a few exceptions, the chart was composed of stuff
that he had played-so how can you blame people for voting for it? Why would
they vote for something that they didn't find interesting or exciting just
to make him happy?
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      > > <<Make a difference, for nothing more than a salute to the man who
      > > it all possible. Thank you .>>
      > >
      > John would have hated looking back - he was always one for looking
ahead to
      > next year's biggies - which is of course why he was such a great DJ
and why we
      > all listened to his show.
      > He only put up with doing the F50 because xmas was a slow time for
      > records & he was probably scared the BBC would kick him out for
Steve bleedin
      > Wright's Xmas panto or whatever if he didn't have a "Festive"
element to his show -
      > every year he threatened not to do it, but everyone would moan at
him, so he
      > did it grudgingly.
      > If he was still alive he'd be playing new stuff you'd never heard
of, not
      > Teenage Kicks!
      > Rocker


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