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Dave Driscoll ddriscoll@...
Wed Dec 5 01:24:20 CET 2007

I haven't any documentary evidence to hand...
But I will take a punt
If the poor old bugger was still here
I suspect he would still play TEENAGE KICKS
.....In moderation

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  Sorry, rocker, but I cannot go along with what you say.  I have already discussed this question here .  There are an awful lot of suppositions in your argument ('would have', 'probably', 'if he was'): do you have any documentary evidence to back this up? Still, I respect your opinion, and, as I have said, JP did get fed up, not with the chart itself, but the choices his audience made, hence the 'white boys with guitars' quote. Nevertheless, with a few exceptions, the chart was composed of stuff that he had played-so how can you blame people for voting for it? Why would they vote for something that they didn't find interesting or exciting just to make him happy?
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  > > <<Make a difference, for nothing more than a salute to the man who made
  > > it all possible. Thank you .>>
  > > 
  > John would have hated looking back - he was always one for looking ahead to 
  > next year's biggies - which is of course why he was such a great DJ and why we 
  > all listened to his show.
  > He only put up with doing the F50 because xmas was a slow time for new 
  > records & he was probably scared the BBC would kick him out for Steve bleedin 
  > Wright's Xmas panto or whatever if he didn't have a "Festive" element to his show - 
  > every year he threatened not to do it, but everyone would moan at him, so he 
  > did it grudgingly.
  > If he was still alive he'd be playing new stuff you'd never heard of, not 
  > Teenage Kicks!
  > Rocker


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